Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is this Amazing Blue Mile Challenge all about?
    • Teams solve clues and map their own route around the Blue Mile district completing mental and physical challenges while learning more about Statesboro and Georgia Southern.
  2. So is it a 5K?
    • No. The distance you cover is determined by the route you decide to take.
  3. How many people can make up a team?
    • 1-4 people.
  4. Is this a family/pet-friendly event?
    • Yes! You can race with a stroller or wagon if need be. Pets are welcome as well. 
  5. Can we use our smartphones or other technology?
    • Yes. You can use your phone, computer, GPS, smart friends who aren’t on your team to help you figure out clues and where to go. You can also use paper maps and a compass. Whatever works best for you.
  6. Can I drive from one clue to another?
    • NO! Private transit (and since we don’t have any, public transit also) is not allowed. No Bikes, skates, skateboards, hoverboards, mopeds, scooters, horses, taxis, segways, etc.
  7. What should we bring on the day of the race?
    • A bag for your stuff, smart phone or other smart devices and chargers, digital camera (or just your phone), Pen/Pencil to work out clues and map out your route, a little bit of cash (in case you need to buy a little something along the way). Plan according to the weather on the day of  – Umbrella? Sunscreen? Light jacket? 


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